February 2020


We do try to be fair when booking training days, outings and events.  However, sometimes it is impossible to accommodate everyone.   Training days are compulsory for the Nursery, they are used to improve the wellbeing and development of the children.

Punctuality and attendance

Regular attendance has a positive impact on all aspects of a young child’s learning and development.  A regular routine supports the young child to feel settled and secure.  Unsettled children have higher stress levels which, in turn, prevent them from being able to benefit fully from the learning opportunities available.  On admission all parents sign an attendance and punctuality policy.  Please ensure you adhere to it. The doors and gate will be closed at 9:45am and 1:15pm if you are later you will not be allowed into the nursery until your next session, unless you have permission from the office.

jo@kingsquarenursery.co.uk   jackie@kingsquarenursery.co.uk

Reporting your child’s absence

It is essential that you report your child’s absence from nursery by 9.30am/1.30pm, by either telephone or email. courtney@kingsquarenursery.co.uk


We have the results for our Ofsted Inspection – well done to all the children and staff we was awarded strong GOOD with outstanding elements, you can have a look at the report on the our or the Ofsted website.


We have a few great fundraising events coming up – World Book Day Thursday 5th March and Sports Relief 13th March.


Mon 17 Feb – Fri 21 Feb Half Term – Nursey closed to term time children. Ad hoc holiday care can be provided


Mon 2 March Parents Evening


Thu 5 March World Book Day


Fri 13 March Sports Relief Day


Mon 6 – Fri 17 April 


Easter holidays – Nursey open to all year round children.  Ad hoc holiday care can be provided


Fri 10 April


Good Friday – Nursery closed to all
Mon 13 April


Easter Monday – Nursery closed to all
May Day holiday


Friday 8th May – 75th Anniversary VE Day